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Leaving the city, town and village life for the eco-community that is the jungle and its inhabitants is a mesmerising experience.

The Napo Wildlife Center Ecolodge has been carefully built and designed by the Añangu indigenous community to offer tourist maximum privacy and comfort in Amazon Wildlife Tours. Luxury rooms and commodities, first class attention, beautiful views of the jungle and the lake, nature within your reach…  it is a real paradise for nature lovers, eco-travelers, and adventure seekers.


Located in the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest, the Napo Wildlife Center is considered one of the best eco-hotel of the world. The Añangu community has been recognized worldwide for its effort to preserving the flora and fauna found in this region declared by UNESCO a biosphere reserve. 


Come to the Ecuadorian Amazon and visit our new attraction. From the highest point of the tower you will appreciate nature, birds, and our entire resort!


Our new building flaunts a wide variety of amenities you can enjoy. On the bottom floors you can appreciate comfortable living rooms, a “canoe” bar, boutique,  dining room, screen to watch explanatory videos and a modern kitchen to taste the best local dishes, as well as international cuisine.


On the top floors our visitors have access to high-tech telescopes, Napo wildlife center can lay claim to the best view of the tropical rainforest of this region.


This tower, as the rest of our edifications, are environmentally friendly, since our community follow strict guidelines and policies that inflict no harm upon our eco system.


This achievement constitutes one more step for becoming the leading tourism operator in the Ecuadorian Amazon with the highest standards of service while embracing the continual challenges of sustainable community tourism.

Amazon Luxury Ecolodge

Built by the natives indigenous of the Kichwa Añangu Community, the cabins at the NWC are just huge and comfortable. The place is really exclusive; there are only 16 private cabins, 12 standard and 4 luxury suites. The cabañas are decorated with native furnishings and are fully equipped with a private room with hot water, ventilation, energy and a balcony with the most incredible views of the jungle and the Añangu Lagoon.


The Napo Wildlife Center is a good example eco-tourism projects. The community has invested in an environmental and unique system, probable the best and most advanced of the Amazonia. All waste water is processed to maintain the swamps clean. Also the energy is generated by solar panels, industrial batteries and silent generators, which is an efficient system with minimal environment impacts.


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Dining hall area

The dining hall of the Napo Wildlife Center ecolodge is the perfect place for having a meal in the surroundings of the Añangu lagoon. Meals are carefully prepared to fit everyone’s tastes. Either you want some Ecuador traditional food or international food, there is nothing to worry about… food is delicious.

In this large dining area guests can enjoy the beauty of nature just in front of you while you take breakfast or lunch,  with a complete variety of exotic fruits and organic products. We have in the Social Area a station to provide you hot water, tea or coffee. You can find drinking water in the dispenser located in the restaurant of the Ecolodge and in the jars provided in each cabin, plus a variety of drinks available at the bar of the restaurant.



4 days / 3 nights

Take part in our daily excursions, canoe trips, visits to parrot clay licks, birding tours, visits to the native community and much more!


5 days / 4 nights

Are you ready for an incredible trip to the Ecuadorian Amazonia? Our 5 days and 4 nights tour includes forest and canoe excursions, amazon wildlife tours and cultural encounters.


5 days / 4 nights

Did you know the Ecuadorian Amazonia is home to more than 550 bird species? Join in our special birding tours to see parakeets, parrots and countless species.


5 days / 4 nights

Get a glance inside the Kichwa Anangu Community visiting their home and learning from their ancestral customs and traditions.


As simple as a line drawn in water

Your journey from everyday life seems to begin as you ponder the endless tract of tropical vegetation lining the Napo River, headwaters of the mighty Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. But as you head straight for the forest wall, you suddenly realize that you haven’t seen anything yet. The journey is just about to begin. This is a magical place, where the powerful clay-colored current you’ve traveled on for nearly two hours is cut sharply by a glistening darkness—the quiet black-water stream of Añangu—the passageway that will take you inside the most exuberant place on Earth.

A busy silence inhabited by the largest collection of living organisms

Here, the shear presence of nature is more impressive than anything you could possibly fathom. Your welcome might very well be orchestrated by a hundred different-looking birds, a troop of twenty-odd acrobatic monkeys dancing amongst the branches above you, or the curious gaze of a Giant Otter coolly swimming by. You just never really know just how you’ll be greeted at in the Napo Wildlife Center. This is a place, if there ever was one, where everything is always more than you could ever expect it to be.


With only sixteen private bungalows, Napo Wildlife Center offers an intimate life experience with a level of exclusivity unmatched in other jungle lodges.


Upon returning from your daily excursions of this Amazon rainforest tour, you will be able to retire to a spacious cabin, enjoy a hot shower and sit back with a cool drink in hand while overlooking the serene waters of Añangu Lake in your private porch. Each cabin includes comfortable bed (king and queen sizes), a bathroom with ample hot water, electricity,

a safety box, ceiling fans and secure screens that keep the cabins ventilated and as insect-free as possible.


Bringing the treasures and secrets of the Amazon rainforest, the traditional thatch-roof lounge facility is made for relaxing and enjoying the tropical breeze and admirable sunset, especially from our observation tower.  The dining area is complete with a state-of-the-art water filtration system, a well-stocked bar and delicious local, national and international cuisine.


As many creatures as there are comforts

At the Napo Wildlife Center there are attractions and activities for everyone. Visitors are divided into small groups led by a native guide of the Añangu community and a bilingual guide. The climate in the jungle is unpredictable so the tour itineraries are chosen each day before dawn or sunrise.


Some of the top activities to do are: the parrot clay licks, the Canopy Observation Tower and the Interpretative Centre. Also you can go on a canoe ride over the Napo River or some guided excursions around the jungle. Every place you go you can enjoy the beauty of nature within your reach.



LUXURYWith only sixteen private bungalows, Napo Wildlife Center offers an intimate life experience with a level of exclusivity unmatched in other jungle lodges. The mission to bring comfort and environmental responsibility together.



KICHWA AÑANGU COMMUNITYBuilt entirely by the traditional Kichwa Indian Community of Añangu, the Napo Wildlife Center is one of the finest examples of sustainable, community-based ecotourism, actively protecting 82-square miles of pristine rainforest within its private reserve. The lodge’s ecologically sound facilities include electricity from solar energy power.



THE CANOPY TOWERThe 12o-ft (36m) high forest canopy tower is located about 20 minutes from the lodge deep within the terra firme forest. Ascending the sturdy , 12-story, galvanized metal tower allows you to pass through different levels of the forest and emerge on top of the canopy. Here you cross onto a platform that is actually built into the crown of a huge emergent Ceiba tree.



PARROT CLAY LICKSThe two most accessible parrot clay licks in Ecuador are part of the Napo Wildlife Center Reserve. We have constructed viewing blinds on one of this clay licks so that visitors can comfortably watch as hundreds of parrots and parakeets come to eat the clay that aids in the digestion of their diet of unripe seeds and fruits.



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