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4 June, 2019
Strengthen your family bonds with strength from the Ecuadorian Jungle
12 June, 2019

A special date you were waiting for coming, the moment of the year you know that you will be able to gather, or maybe you just found that deep nostalgia the last time you looked at the portrait of a few years ago. Whatever the reason, it is always a good time to make a family call, reunite the tribe to have a moment of deep trust and nurture the most intimate relationships. If you feel that this call has to come from you, then this note is for you.

It is a reality that touches or touches us all, times when our family nucleus has less and less opportunities to meet fully. The demanding jobs, the distances of the new homes, the studies, the loves, it is life itself and its multiple paths that will take us where we should, sometimes closer, others more distant. When the times come when the periodicity becomes increasingly difficult, it is where it becomes more relevant to find other alternatives to keep our ties high. Nobody better than you knows your family and knows what it is that will generate moments of shared happiness.

An option that we assure will not fail in this objective is to plan and carry out a family trip. Are they part of the moments that most remember that trip to the beach or that mountain they visited in the past? As a wildcard in the cards, the trip as a family project is an alternative that will always work. In addition to linking through a common project, to combine the passions in decisions for all in planning, is the whole path to the fruits, the experience itself. Imagine the emotion that will burst with the news, the session where they will decide the place and the handshakes once the plane takes off from the ground.

Travel today is more accessible than ever, with all the information of destinations and procedures within a few clicks. So if these alternatives are new to you or if you are already an experienced traveler, there will always be a large community of travelers that is willing to help you. There is never an external hand, so that we do not lose anything. To carry out this, we recommend visiting in your browser the diversity of pages, magazines or blogs of travelers, sharing tips and recommendations designed for a better experience for you and your family.

Some of the most visited and recommended by travelers are Booking, Lonely Planet, and Trip Advisor, but nowadays there are more and more information points , both from private or independent organizations, that come to show us the best practices when considering a trip.

Napo Wildlife Center motivates us to narrow the world for people and especially if at the same time that manages to narrow the distance in their relationships. Here is a short list of recommendations to make a more entertaining and meaningful experience when organizing a trip with your family:

  • Let’s plan the dates

First of all it is necessary to converge the dates among all the members of the family. Sometimes this may be the point of greatest resistance to the plan to continue, so we recommend you do it well in advance before the most stable possibilities, such as vacations or holidays, since people usually make different plans for those dates.

  • Our budget

It is very important to have a clear definition of the budget that can be counted for the trip, since what we are not looking for is a disappointment, or even less, problems with our bank. From this item will be derived the alternatives of destination, accommodation and activities, so it is important to resolve as soon as possible, and hopefully, involve those who can.

  • Choose the destination

Here is when things start to get fun. The destination, may come from past conversations or forgotten family debts, but it will always be good to give a space for conversation, either to be a joint decision or to celebrate together what will be the next destination. Whether with a map on the table or in a deep conversation, this activity will always stimulate our emotion.

  • Accommodations

Here you can distribute the tasks and investigate the different aspects that need to be verified and reserved. Whether hotels, tours or activities that interest them, it will always be good to leave some things fixed before. Your options will be directly related to the previously set budget.

  • A tentative itinerary

We recommend you to invite your family to open and socialize with their interests and needs pointing to the new destination, so by deciding, they can make a sketch of what their days could be in the place. We talk about tentative, as we know and we recommend keeping open the possibility that everything changes in situ. The new places and the people that appear on the road can change everything, but it is good to have a clear idea, especially to distribute the days.

  • Legal and health requirements

Last but not the least, worry about reviewing in advance the legal and health requirements necessary to travel abroad. Many countries require a special type of visa or passport, as well as vaccines or specific preventions for the place. Some vaccines or medications can take months, so we recommend you do not leave this until the end.

We invite you then to consider the option of planning this trip as a family, to take the adventure of working as a team and walk forward until taking that plane from the hand of your closest. Follow our blog at Napo Wildlife Center and find out more tips and travel information, as well as our great refuge in the middle of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

Have fun!