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7 activities you can enjoy at Napo Wildlife Center!

We have many activities you can do while staying with us, such as canoe riding, meeting and sharing time with our community, and much more! Why don’t you check this post and see for yourself?


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Ecological Tower


In NWC we are proud of showing you our new tower! This 40 m tower, inaugurated some months ago and built entirely by our people with raw material found in local areas, will show you the best views of our beloved Amazon rainforest. Get into the upper floors to amaze yourself with a panoramic view of our complex and the whole Amazon!




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Parrot Clay Licks

There are many parrot species. They eat salty clays to help themselves digest, but they also show themselves for you to have an unforgettable experience! Our tropical parrots are quite colorful and magnificent, and they are waiting for you to have a look on them. You will find these unique species only here, in the Ecuadorian Amazon.





Kichwa Añangu Community


We will be your hosts in this incredible experience. You will get involved into the jungle activities, but you will also share with our people the way we live, how we study and learn from our ancient relatives, eat and drink our native foods and drinks, and presence the projects we have created to help our people grow strong and independent.







Yes, you read correctly! More than 610 species of birds you won’t find anywhere else! If you are a bird lover, you will have the opportunity of watching birds fly and behave in their natural habitat as long as you stay in NWC! Be a special witness of the rare species you can find only here!





Canopy Tower


20 minutes from the lodge separate you from an incredible canopy tower in which you can watch the glorious landscapes we want to show you! Come, climb the various forest levels and observe the best gifts nature has for you.





Forest trails


Have you ever walked around the jungle? This is your opportunity! Hike the trails that surround our vast jungle, take the best pictures and see the many insects, animals and vegetation the Amazon offers for your entertainment!





Canoe riding


To get to Napo Wildlife Center you need to get in a canoe and cross the whole lake, but inside our complex you can have many more ridings, too! Explore with our experimented guides the black waters of the Añangucocha lagoon, see the animals that make a life there -such as the black caiman or the piranhas-, have a nice view of the Amazon and enjoy some hours of relax and peace with this magical trip!



Comunidad Kichwa Añangu


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