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Birding Tour

5 Days – 4 Nights


The Yasuní National Park is a uniquely diverse area that covers over 9,800 quare kilometers of pristine Amazon Rainforest. The park, considered by UNESCO a Biosphere Reserve, is home to more than 550 bird species which is about 40% of the bird species of the entire Amazon Basin…think about that. For this reason, the Yasuní National Park is in the must-to-visit places list of amateurs and professional ornithologists and birdwatchers.

Be prepared for the Napo Wildlife Center birding tours and be witness of the beauty and amazing flora and fauna the Amazon Rainforest hides into its forests and creeks.




birding tour amazonA short flight over the eastern Andes mountains will take you from Ecuador’s capital city to the jungle town of Coca. At the Coca airport our staff will welcome you and take you to Orellana port, the gateway to the pristine lands of the Ecuadorian Amazonia.


Getting to the Napo Wildlife Center is an adventure itself! A motorized canoe will take us downstream the Napo River until reaching –after about 2 hours– the Napo Wildlife Center welcome station on the banks of Rio Napo. From here you will be transfered to smaller paddle-canoes up the Añangu Creek to finally come upon the Napo Wildlife Center ecolodge located on the banks of the black water Anangu Lake.


Along the way to the lodge you will discover the diversity of the region and see different bird species wuch as hoatzins, kingfishers, herons, etc. 


DAY 2 to 4 (The days could be extended as required by passenger)


amazon HoatzinsFor three days or more (you have the option to extend you days at the lodge) you will have the oppportunity to explore the great diversity of birds of the western Amazonia jungle. The Ecuadorian Amazonia is considered one of the top birdwatching places in the World with more than 500 bird species. Get a feel of the wilderness and complexity of rich habitats surrounding the lodge!

Early in the morning we will visit the Canopy Observation Tower which is one of the top places to see the avifauna of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. This wooden platform of 36 meters high offers a priviledge access see live in the jungle atop the trees. It is a real world apart from the rest of the jungle!. Get a close-up and stunning view of flocks of birds that wander past and through the Canopy tower; oropendolas, tanagers, euphonias, aracaris, cotingas, flycatchers, purpletufts, parrots and macaws glow from the highs and drop by the trees in search of fruits and seeds.


Excursions along the forest trails are also a great opportunity to admire the wilderness of the Amazon jungle, with good chances to see different bird species such as antbirds, toucans, woodcreepers, tinamous, the Black-necked Red Cotinga and the vocally striking Screaming Piha. Visit the parrot clay licks where hundreds of parrots, macaws and parekees gather to obain the minerals contained in the soil that help them to digest the seeds and fruits they feed with. A real nature spectacle!

Enjoy the canoe rides on the Anangu Lake and along he creeks and rivers that surrounds the lodge accompanied by different birds such as silvered and plumbeous Antbirds, herons, the Point-tailed Plamcreeper, Orange-crested Manakin and river birds as the Yellow-billed Tern, the Capped Heron and the Collared Plover. Also, the River Islands of the Napo River are home to a variety of birds including the Black-and-white Antbird, Olide-spotted hummingbird and diferent species of spinetails. Apart from the varied avifauna you will probably see several monkey species and the unique Giant River Otter, a specie original of the Amazon Basin. 

The welcoming area of the Napo Wildlife Center, where the local community lives in, is also rich in fauna and flora. Here you may find other numerous bird species such as the Rufous-headed Woodpecker, Swallow-winged Puffbird and the Turquoise and Magpie Tanagers .



On this last day we’ll head back to the jungle town of Coca where you will return to Quito.




NOTICE: For security reasons, swimming into Añangucocha (lagoon) is forbidden.


Additional Day(s)

If you are planning to stay an additional day at the NWC you have different activities such as exploring deeper areas of the forest and the surrounding creeks where you will have the chance to see more wildlife, visiting the local community cultural centre and handcraft workshop, additional mammal clay licks, etc. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us!



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