31 July, 2019

World Travel Award Winner

12 June, 2019

Strengthen your family bonds with strength from the Ecuadorian Jungle

A special date you were waiting for coming, the moment of the year you know that you will be able to gather, or maybe you just […]
4 June, 2019

The harmonic images of the Amazon

Are you one of those who value and appreciate the beautiful landscapes? Those places where only sighs are enough to dialogue between shapes and colors in […]
4 June, 2019
Napo Wildlife Center Ecolodge couple taking pictures Amazon Ecuador

Why is the Amazon Rainforest the best gift to enjoy as a couple?

This important date is getting closer and you are still in doubt about how to commemorate the occasion. Life and relationships are made of moments and […]
4 June, 2019

Recycling: the natural legacy

Generally, many of us are not aware that “garbage”; is not natural. The concept we use for the action of generating unusable material that is discarded, […]
4 June, 2019

Amazonian Jungle: Mother Poetry

The poetry in each corner, the beautiful jungle in its perfect composition, the balance of each of the forms and vertiginous angles, the harmony between the […]
13 May, 2019

Crisis of Inner Nature

We live in days of crisis. Days between the jamming of the big metal bugs that close the tracks, the claustrophobic landscapes by the tall cement trees and the infallible clock that cares to remind us every second that we leave, take a deep breath and reconnect with our strength interior has become an act of high heroism.
3 April, 2019
Napo Wildlife Center Baby anteater walking on a branch ar Yasuni National Park in Ecuador

The critical scenario of the “Hormiguero Bear” in the Amazon

Despite its name, this strange animal has no relationship with bears. They are direct relatives of the tamandúas, lazy and more distantly of the armadillos. Its […]
3 April, 2019
Napo Wildlife Center green Glass frog on a leaf at Yasuni National Park in Ecuador

3 Amazonian frogs that will surprise you!

1) Glass frog Discovered recently, the “crystal frog Yaku” is undoubtedly an eccentricity of nature. Found in the Ecuadorian jungle, this beautiful amphibian surprises by its […]
3 April, 2019
Napo Wildlife Center wire-tailed manaik in a tree branch at tha Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

Meet the talented “Wire-Tailed Manakin”

The colors of the “Pipra filicauda” or jumping wire tail, stand out among the green tones of the Amazonian leaves. It is possible to find them […]
3 April, 2019
Napo Wildlife Center pocket monkey in a tree branch at Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

Meet the “Pocket Monkey”, the smallest monkey in the world

It is one of the animals of the Ecuadorian Amazon that causes greater sympathy among tourists. Known by various names such as “Pocket Monkey”, “Titi pygmy”, […]
2 April, 2019

The Amazing Birding Tour of Napo Wildlife Center

The “birding tour” of Napo Wildlife Center invites bird lovers and curious from all over the world to congregate around the Ecuadorian Amazon, in search of […]