2 April, 2019

Cultural Tour and adventures with the Kichwa Anangu community

Napo Wildlife Center offers a unique experience for those who seek to explore the most amazing corners of the Ecuadorian Amazon and get to know the […]
2 April, 2019

Photography Tour in the Amazon Jungle

Napo Wildlife Center is the dreamland of photographers from all over the world, who travel to capture the most incredible creatures in a show of colors […]
2 April, 2019

The Guayusa tea and the ancestral ritual of Guayusada

Guayusa is a plant native to the Ecuadorian Amazon, whose leaves are used mainly in the preparation of tea due to its stimulating and healing properties. […]
11 March, 2019

The Amazing Bird Viewing Tour of Napo Wildlife Center

The “birding tour” of Napo Wildlife Center invites bird lovers and curious from all over the world to congregate around the Ecuadorian Amazon, in search of […]
6 November, 2018

Facilities you can enjoy at Ecuador Amazon Eco Lodge

6 November, 2018

Amazon Rainforest Travel

5 November, 2018

Amazon Rainforest Logde

26 October, 2018

Amazon Rainforest Wildlife: 10 Strangest Creatures you can spot in your amazon holiday

Are bizarre animals your pastime? Here, in the Amazon, you will find tons of them. Just come and give a glance to some of the Amazon […]
25 September, 2018

Ecuador’s Leading Green Hotel for 2018

17 April, 2018

The Bush Dog! Rare Canine Species Spotted at the Napo Wildlife Center

  Scientific Name: Speothos Venaticus. More commonly known as the “Bush Dog”.    Description:  A mysterious member of the Canidae family, the “Bush Dog” is a rare species […]
16 April, 2018

5 “Must Do” Activities for Nature Lovers

Are you an Eco-Tourism enthusiast? Mother Nature takes care of us so long as we respect and take care of her in return. Here within the […]
7 December, 2017

Great sightings of a jaguar reported at the Anangu territory

Since July 2017, the largest cat of the Americas has been spotted twice by two lucky groups of travelers visiting Napo Wildlife Center and Napo Cultural […]