6 November, 2018

Amazon Rainforest Travel

16 April, 2018

5 “Must Do” Activities for Nature Lovers

Are you an Eco-Tourism enthusiast? Mother Nature takes care of us so long as we respect and take care of her in return. Here within the […]
7 April, 2017

Buy conscious and buy informed in your next amazon rainforest trip

Be Informed. Buy Informed  A GUIDE FOR TRAVELERS BUYER BEWARE LIST AVOID These items are generally prohibited from being brought into the U.S. All sea turtle […]
23 December, 2016

Why your trip to the amazon rainforest is carbon negative and helps preventing global warming

There are many threats the Amazon has faced and that it is still facing nowadays. In Ecuador, the situation is aggravated by loging and oil exploration […]
13 August, 2016

What you need to know about our Amazon Tours: Top 10 Travel Tips

You may know that the Amazon is different from everything you have ever seen. Now, do you know how amazing it is? Do you know what […]
13 August, 2016

7 Outstanding Animals You Can Find in your Amazon Rainforest Tour

How many species of animals have you already seen in your life? For sure not the ones you will appreciate if you come with us to […]
11 September, 2015

Enjoy our local dishes, drinks and culture!

Napo Wildlife Center will always offer you the best services and attractions. However, we haven’t showed you the foods and drinks you can enjoy while staying […]
11 September, 2015

7 activities you can enjoy at Napo Wildlife Center!

We have many activities you can do while staying with us, such as canoe riding, meeting and sharing time with our community, and much more! Why […]
2 September, 2015

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Napo Wildlife Center

The Napo Wildlife Center is the greatest luxury ecohotel in the Amazonian Ecuador and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit us. Built by the Kichwa […]
19 August, 2015

What do you know about the Napo Wildlife Center Fauna?

From birds to mammals, from insects to amphibians! There is a huge variety of animals and insects you can observe to delight your eyes while enjoying […]
18 August, 2015

And This Is How the Napo Wildlife Center Project Started…

Almost twenty years ago, a group of people from the Kichwa Añangu Community decided to start an ambitious project to boost tourism in the Amazonia Ecuador. […]
14 August, 2015

Have a look on the projects we manage!

Thanks to Napo Wildlife Center and our initiative to run important projects for our local communities, life is being improved every day in the Ecuadorian Amazonia. […]
13 August, 2015

How did we build our new tower?

To assemble this new tower, we used natural elements and the entire structure was done by members of our Kichwa community. Even the general manager of […]
11 August, 2015

About the Napo Wildlife Center Ecological Tower

Our recently inaugurated tower gives you the opportunity of admiring nature from a high point of view, while you eat the best food and have a […]
10 August, 2015

Meet Our New Tower In Napo Wildlife Center!

Yes, there is a new tower in our eco lodge and we want you to visit it! Come to the Ecuadorian Amazon and visit our new […]
1 December, 2014

NWC Accomodation

You Will Love The Napo Wildlife Center Experience Room & Facilities The Main Hall The main hall of the Napo Wildlife Center is a central structure […]
11 November, 2014

Checklist of things to pack for an Amazon Rainforest trip

Are planning to travel to the Napo Wildlife Center in Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest? Then, you will probably be thinking about what to pack for your trip. […]
11 November, 2014

Getting to the Napo Wildlife Center

The Napo wildlife Center is a first class ecolodge located in the Yasuni Nation Park in the heart of Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. It was built and […]
11 November, 2014

Canopy Observation Tower at the Napo Wildlife Center

The Napo Wildlife Center is one of the greatest ecolodges of Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest. It has been carefully and perfectly designed by the local community, the […]
11 November, 2014

Amazon Rainforest daily excursions, a magical experience!

The Napo Wildlife Center is the perfect place for nature lovers and adventurous travelers. Located the heart of the pristine jungle of the Yasuni National Park […]
11 November, 2014

The most luxurious lodge in Ecuador’s Amazon

Built on a small ridge at the edge of a great jungle lake, called Añangu, and surrounded by beautiful pristine rainforest, the Napo Wildlife Center is […]
11 November, 2014

First Class Napo Wildlife Center Ecolodge

The Napo Wildlife Center ecolodge is not just another hotel, it is an exclusive and luxury ecolodge located in the middle of the Yasuni National Park, […]
11 November, 2014

Amazon Best Ecolodge in Ecuador

The Napo Wildlife Center is one of Ecuador’s first nature lodges. Built and designed by the Añangu community and with only 16 cabins this places is […]
11 November, 2014

Tips to travel to the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazonia in Ecuador is one of the most diverse ecosystems of Earth. For animal and nature lovers the Amazon is just a paradise. In fact, […]
6 November, 2014

Napo Wildlife Center: a close encounter with nature

Have you ever thought about doing an Amazon jungle tour in Ecuador? Would you like to join in a luxury trip to the jungle? The Amazon […]
6 November, 2014

Amazon birding tour: common bird species you will find in the jungle

Located in one of the most biodiverse areas of the planet, the Napo Wildlife Center is a real paradise for nature lovers. On your journey to […]
31 October, 2014

Amazonia birding tour: Parrot clay licks at the Napo Wildlife Center

The parrot clay licks are one of the most striking and colorful experiences when you visit the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. Located in the Yasuni National […]
27 October, 2014

Birdwatching tours in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

The Napo Wildlife Center is a paradise for nature lovers. Located in the Yasuni National Park in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, the wide variety of […]