26 October, 2018

Amazon Rainforest Wildlife: 10 Strangest Creatures you can spot in your amazon holiday

Are bizarre animals your pastime? Here, in the Amazon, you will find tons of them. Just come and give a glance to some of the Amazon […]
17 April, 2018

The Bush Dog! Rare Canine Species Spotted at the Napo Wildlife Center

  Scientific Name: Speothos Venaticus. More commonly known as the “Bush Dog”.    Description:  A mysterious member of the Canidae family, the “Bush Dog” is a rare species […]
16 April, 2018

5 “Must Do” Activities for Nature Lovers

Are you an Eco-Tourism enthusiast?   Mother Nature takes care of us so long as we respect and take care of her in return. Here within […]
7 December, 2017

Great sightings of a jaguar reported at the Anangu territory

4 October, 2017

Reptiles of the Amazon

In this free, downloadable, pocket-sized identification guide you will find the common names, scientific names, and conservation categories of the 149 species of reptiles that live […]
23 December, 2016

A confirmed population increase in ecuador of the giant otter, the most threatened carnivore in the americas

23 November, 2016

A new Giant River otter cub at Napo Wildlife Center Ecolodge

We want to share great news with you Thanks to the conservation efforts of Añangu Community there is a new giant river otter cub at Napo […]
11 September, 2015

Enjoy our local dishes, drinks and culture!

Napo Wildlife Center will always offer you the best services and attractions. However, we haven’t showed you the foods and drinks you can enjoy while staying […]
2 September, 2015

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Napo Wildlife Center

The Napo Wildlife Center is the greatest luxury ecohotel in the Amazonian Ecuador and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit us. Built by the Kichwa […]