13 May, 2019

Crisis of Inner Nature

We live in days of crisis. Days between the jamming of the big metal bugs that close the tracks, the claustrophobic landscapes by the tall cement trees and the infallible clock that cares to remind us every second that we leave, take a deep breath and reconnect with our strength interior has become an act of high heroism.
2 April, 2019

Cultural Tour and adventures with the Kichwa Anangu community

Napo Wildlife Center offers a unique experience for those who seek to explore the most amazing corners of the Ecuadorian Amazon and get to know the […]
2 April, 2019

The Guayusa tea and the ancestral ritual of Guayusada

Guayusa is a plant native to the Ecuadorian Amazon, whose leaves are used mainly in the preparation of tea due to its stimulating and healing properties. […]
16 April, 2018

5 “Must Do” Activities for Nature Lovers

Are you an Eco-Tourism enthusiast? Mother Nature takes care of us so long as we respect and take care of her in return. Here within the […]
18 August, 2015

And This Is How the Napo Wildlife Center Project Started…

Almost twenty years ago, a group of people from the Kichwa Añangu Community decided to start an ambitious project to boost tourism in the Amazonia Ecuador. […]
14 August, 2015

Have a look on the projects we manage!

Thanks to Napo Wildlife Center and our initiative to run important projects for our local communities, life is being improved every day in the Ecuadorian Amazonia. […]
13 August, 2015

How did we build our new tower?

To assemble this new tower, we used natural elements and the entire structure was done by members of our Kichwa community. Even the general manager of […]
10 August, 2015

Meet Our New Tower In Napo Wildlife Center!

Yes, there is a new tower in our eco lodge and we want you to visit it! Come to the Ecuadorian Amazon and visit our new […]