5 Days – 4 Nights


Our 5 day-4 night tour allows you to have an extended stay in this tropical paradise. With more time to explore, you will be able to experience a little more of the natural wonder that is Yasuni National Park. Whether you choose to spend another day hiking a forest trail or paddling along one of the black water streams to discover the incredible wildlife who live here, it promises to be time well spent in this sacred land.

This morning we will take a short flight from Quito to the town of Coca, lasting about half an hour. A short drive from the airport to “La Mision”, the main port of Coca, will bring you to “the gateway to the Amazon” where Francisco de Orellana set sail in 1541.

Our method of transportation will now be a comfortable covered canoe powered by twin outboard motors where we can enjoy a box lunch and coffee provided en route. This craft will take us downstream on the Napo River for about 2.5 hours to the Napo Wildlife Center (NWC) welcome station.

Here we will take a short break and make use of the facilities before transferring to smaller canoes that are used instead of motorized vehicles to maintain the pristine landscape and habitats. Over the next couple of hours, we will paddle you up Añangu Creek to the NWC lodge, which is situated on the bank of a tranquil lake amid a vast tract of primary rainforest where hunting is prohibited. On this canoe ride, you have high chances of spotting wildlife! Various species of monkeys, as well as large birds like toucans, parrots, and even macaws, can be seen.

After a buffet breakfast, experience life above the forest floor by visiting the 36-meter canopy tower. This tower is located about 30 minutes from the lodge and deep within the forest. Get an excellent sample of the 600+ species of birds recorded so far, with a close look at colorful tanagers, macaws, toucans, flycatchers, and even spider or howler monkeys feeding themselves on the nearby trees. The canopy tower opens up a whole new and exciting world to the guests of the Napo Wildlife Center.

Return to the lodge for a typical Ecuadorian lunch. After lunch, there are many options to choose from for your afternoon activity. Climb the central tower for birdwatching, go kayaking, or simply relax in your hammock if that’s more your speed.

You may choose to hike through the marvelous Terra Firme forest to discover the ecology and the role of plants in the complex world of the Tropical Rain-Forest. Vines, ancient trees, bromeliads, and orchids stand out in this impressive natural garden. After the hike, explore the surrounding lake and creeks for the chance to run into a Giant otter family. A delicious dinner awaits for you in our lodge restaurant at 7:30 pm.

This morning we will visit the best parrot clay licks in Ecuador!! An early start will allow us to see different creatures while paddling downstream on the Añangu creek as far as the welcome area. Then, we take the motorboat for a 10 minute ride for a beautiful view of thousands of parrots such as the amazon-mealy, blue-headed, and orange –cheeked, among others who land at the natural river-side formation to eat some clay.

Later, we return to the welcome area and start a short hike to the parakeets’ clay lick. Here hundreds of cobalt-winged parakeets remain crowded in the trees waiting for the most confident members of the flock to decide it’s the best time to get minerals from the clay. Marvel as they all take turns landing at this clay lick in a flurry of color and sound.

Lunch at Napo Cultural Center. In the afternoon, visit the interpretation area to learn about the traditions of the ancestral Kichwa community of Añangu through song, dance, and conversation. Then head back to the lodge late in the afternoon. You will be welcomed back with a refreshing fruit drink, and dinner following at 7:30 pm.

This morning we will hike along the Tiputini trail. Enjoy the mixture of Terra-Firma and swamp forests while searching for more wildlife such as golden-mantled tamarins, white-faced capuchin monkeys, two and three-toed sloths, pigmy squirrels, and maybe even a carnivore’s tracks on the forest floor.

We return to the lodge for lunch and a well-deserved rest. In the afternoon, paddle canoes will take you deeper into areas of the surrounding creeks with more possibilities of seeing unique wildlife like the hoatzin. After dinner, we can all discuss and share our experiences of the community and Napo Wildlife Center.

Early breakfast and last excursion canoeing back to the Napo River. The creek may reveal new sights of giant otters, monk saki monkeys, black-capped donacobius, and other birds. The motorized canoe will take you back to Coca for the flight back to Quito.

NOTICE: Twenty years ago, the indigenous Kichwa Añangu Community collectively relinquished their right to hunt and fish to recover wildlife populations. For this reason, hunting and fishing are not allowed. For security reasons, swimming in Añangucocha Lake is also forbidden because your safety is our primary concern.

Additional Day(s): Optional excursions such as hikes through different trails and forest types are available. Canoe rides to explore areas of surrounding creeks in more depth will yield more wildlife observations. Additional mammal clay lick excursion and handicraft workshops with the local community are also available, among other options.

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