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Enjoy our local dishes, drinks and culture!

Napo Wildlife Center will always offer you the best services and attractions. However, we haven’t showed you the foods and drinks you can enjoy while staying at our lodge. Come and see!

Depending on the number of guests that come with you, we will serve you buffet-style breakfasts, while your lunches and dinners will be served by our incredible chefs and waiters. Our drinks are unbelievably superior, too: from delicious, refreshing cocktails and liquors you may know to our special drinks, such as the Napo Wild, the Morphorita and the Black Caiman.


Foods we offer


  • We buy our fresh products from local markets and producers, to assure you every single dish will be amazing!
  • Every dish is made with pure water brought directly from Quito!
  • Eat as many fruits as you can! They are a complete delight, because they are the best tropical fruits ever! Mangoes, pears, kiwis, dragon fruits, papayas, pineapples… and more! They will be available according to the season.
  • Have you ever tried our local specialties, Maito and Green Plantain Turnovers? They are a must! You have to ask for Maito -it is not on the menu-, but you won’t regret! Among the international dishes are: pepper steak, chicken breasts in yogurt sauce, or chicken with mushrooms.
  • Not everything here is meat and seafood… Do you like vegan and vegetarian food? Try our dishes!
  • If you are on a special diet, tell us and we will be glad to prepare it especially for you! (But remember: foods and drinks that are not included in our menu must be paid apart!)


Drinks we offer


  • Did we mention that during your meals you can enjoy the purest water brought from the Amazon and Quito?
  • From mineral water to the most sophisticated cocktails and spirits! Taste our Peruvian Pisco Sour own version, the Black Caiman (rum, coke and a hint of lime), the Napo Wild (passion fruit juice, vodka and triple sec), the Añangu Cocha (vodka, gin, white rum, tequila triple sec, guayusa tea and lime juice), or the Morphorita (the classic margarita with a jungle blue morpho color, made with white tequila, lime juice and a touch of blue Curaçao).


Guayusa, the beverage of dreams


During your journey with us, there is a special ritual we want to share with you: the guayusada. Wake up early in the morning and come with us to the Interpretation Centre, Kuri Muyo, where our people will wait for you to drink guayusa!

Guayusa is a natural beverage consumed for many centuries by our indigenous predecessors, to have energy for the rest of the day and share their last night dreams. Our old people drink it nowadays, too, to share their knowledge and plans for the whole community. We listen to our ancient people because they know more than us!

This is just a little bit from our culture and customs, the way we live and the things we do every day. Come with us and learn more from the jungle inhabitants, the Kichwa Añangu community! Eat our food, it is delicious!


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Comunidad Kichwa Añangu


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