Into the Wilderness

From the capital city of Quito, a 30 minute flight will bring you over the Eastern Andes mountain range to the city of Coca. Known as the "Gateway to the Amazon" since Francisco de Orellana's expedition here in 1541, it is conveniently located at the confluence of the Coca River and the Napo River.

A modern covered motorboat will take you on a comfortable 2.5 hour ride from the port of La Misión to the Napo Wildlife Center welcome station in Yasuní National Park. From there, we transfer to dugout canoes operated by expert guides in order to quietly paddle up Añangu Creek. This peaceful leg of the trip will lead us through undisturbed habitat which allows guests their first glimpses of incredible wildlife like the Hoatzin. As we enter Añangu Lake and approach the Napo Wildlife Center ecolodge, be prepared to be struck with awe as you soak up the magical vista!

The most biodiverse place on the planet.

There are so many incredible creatures pre-dating human history who call this rainforest home. Whether you are an avid birdwatcher with many more feathered wonders left on your wish list or are hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the majestic cats who slink down to the river for a drink, this is the place for you.

It would be impossible to see everything there is to be seen here in the span of even one lifetime alone! The local Kichwa people have belonged to this territory for upwards of 500 years, and know the jungle's secrets like the back of their hands. Let the hospitality of your new-found friends open your eyes to the wonders of life in the old-growth rainforest without sacrificing any of the pleasures of modern life and luxury.


Expertly situated with breathtaking views of the Añangu lake and pristine rainforest. Our facilities offer a unique twist on your vision of a dream vacation and are designed for nature lovers hoping to experience all the sights and sounds of the Amazon.

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