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Getting to the Napo Wildlife Center

NWC Accomodation

You Will Love The Napo Wildlife Center Experience


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Room & Facilities


The Main Hall

The main hall of the Napo Wildlife Center is a central structure where visitors and staff meet, dine and share their experiences during their stay. In this main house there are several comfortable social areas including a full-stocked bar; a library where you can borrow some interesting books to read during your stay; the restaurant where all meals are served and a 20 ft high observation tower that provides an incredible 360° view of the surrounding forest, lake and passing wildlife. Also, there is a short trail behind the house where nocturnal creatures can be observed.


The most luxurious lodge in Ecuador’s Amazon

The Napo Wildlife Center complex has sixteen luxury cabins . The spacious cabins are comfortable and spotless-clean. Room facilities include:

  • A king-sized bed and a twin-sized bed.
  • A safety deposit box.
  • Private bathrooms with hot water.
  • A private balcony with views of the lake and the surroundings.
  • 24/7 electricity provided by a solar pannel system and silent power generators.
  • Plenty of 120v outlets to recharge your gear.
  • Mosquito nests and screened windows.
  • Ceiling fans.



The Napo Wildlife Center is situated on the Northern margins of the Yasuní National Park on the banks of the Napo River. The lodge is reached after a 2.5 hour comfortable motorboat ride from Coca city down the Napo River. From the arrival point on the river, you are transferred to paddle-canoes —to reduce the environmental impacts and preserve the forest and its wildlife, on a narrow black-water creek that takes you to Añangu Lake and finally see the red cabins of the Napo Wildlife Center.

This boat ride is one of the best experiences in the whole trip as the local guide silently paddles under the canopy of the trees that close over Añangu creek with great chances of encountering giant otters, several primate species, peccaries and the luckiest, a jaguar or tapir.


Interpretative Centre

The Interpretative Centre is part of a cultural activity organized by the women of the community in their cultural center. You will be introduced to the local Kichwa culture and traditions with examples of traditional hunting methods, use of medicinal plants, cooking, dances, etc.


Comfort & Amenities

The Napo Wildlife Center first class services include:

  • Buying handcrafts, souvenirs and
  • 24/7 Electricity
  • Internet (at a reasonable rate understanding that we need a satellite conexion whose quality depends on weather)
  • Running Water and 100% clean drinking water
  • Library
  • First Aid and emergency evacuation if required.
  • Laundry Service
  • Local and International Food
  • Dietary requests

The Napo Wildlife Center is built on the shores of the Añangu Lake. This particularly privileged location provides a refreshing breeze and wonderful views. The spacious and airy cabanas and the main hall inspired by the native typical designs are the pride of the hotel.




Electricity in the lodge is provided by hybrid systems of solar panels and silent diesel engines that provide 24-hour electricity and have little impact on the environment. Also, the lodge has plenty of 110-volt outlets in the cabins and living room in case you need to recharge your batteries and equipment.


Running water

The NWC has a unique wastewater treatment system. Water for the bathrooms and kitchen at the lodge is taken from the lake and it undergoes on a purification system to avoid lake pollution. As for drinkable water, you can find it in a water dispenser in the main hall area. The idea is that you take a bottle and refill it every time you need trying to use as less plastic bottles and cups as possible.



The lodge has a library from which you can borrow a wide variety of books from biology, to conservation, literature, natural history, birds, etc. on our reading lounge.. We suggest that you do not take the books to the rooms so other guests can have also the opportunity to use enjoy them.



The lodge boutique is a place where you can buy souvenirs and also personal care items. Also, at the cultural centre there is a gift shop where you can buyhandicrafts made by women of the community.



The Internet service is available at the lodge at a very reasonable price. If you need to use this service it will be added to your bill.



The Napo Wildlife Center has a two-way radio that connects the Lodge to our office in Quito and our office in Coca. Mobile service can sometimes be accessed in the lodge from the tower’s highest levels.


First Aid

We provide visitors with first aid kits for excursions. Also, our excursion guides have basic medical training so they are capable of helping you in case of any emergency. For more serious attention there is a health center in the Community area.



Tell us about your experience at the Napo Wildlife Center, the rare or uncommon animals and their interactions, or what plants they were eating which you you saw with your guides, so future visitors can learn about those unexpected encounters with the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest of Añangu.


Dietary requests

If you are a vegetarian or have special dietary requests, you can contact the lodge staff and special food will be arranged for you.


Laundry Service

There is laundry service at the lodge at a very reasonable price. There is a white bag in your room and a form to fill out with the clothes you need washing which will be picked up by staff every morning and delivered back.


Comunidad Kichwa Añangu


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