Are you one of those who value and appreciate the beautiful landscapes? Those places where only sighs are enough to dialogue between shapes and colors in perfect harmony. We refer to those spaces that are difficult to describe with words, but that are still inside us, or – counting on the experience or the necessary desire – can crystallize into a good portrait. If so, then, with this article you will know where to find the next magical place you were looking for: The Ecuadorian jungle has to be your next destination.

Our refuge Napo Wildlife Center is located in the bosom of the majestic Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. The refuge is located on a small ridge of Lake Añangu, a large lake hidden in a nook of the Yasuní National Park, with a landscape that reminds us every day of why we are here.
The refuge is designed especially for nature lovers. In its immediate surroundings, you can find amazing landscapes, decent views of all your postcards for friends and family, and an installation that harmoniously combines nature with modern comforts, generating spaces that look like fantasy, but are very real. Many angles, many perspectives, more than enough encouragement to move and be carried away by the
charm of the jungle.

When you visit us, you will also realize that there is no better composer than Mother Earth herself, who with her brush of patience, in millions of years, gives us the luxury of landscapes and combinations that do not lose their balance. Where saturation takes on another meaning when analyzing the intertwining progress of plants and trees, which surprises with countless beings that complete all the corners in different shades and colors.

In this space we encourage you to decipher the figures that form the channels and paths that have been defined by the patient forces of the waters and of destiny. The dimension of landscapes is open today, within your reach, in the Ecuadorian jungle.

When you are looking for amazing landscapes or outstanding captures, this is your place, since, in addition to staying in a favored place of attractions, we are surrounded by opportunities to explore the fantastic images offered by the largest rainforest on the planet, and The best thing is that there are options for all tastes.

If what attracts you are the broad compositions of nature and also have a nice and comfortable time, you should definitely sign up for boat adventures on the rivers of our jungle. In addition to arriving by boat to our refuge, you can count on guided tours of the surrounding rivers, including the great Napo River that feeds the lagoon where we are

Sitting in the comfortable seats, floating above the dense brown waters, you can witness an endless walkway of combinations of trees and plants along the banks, showing the beautiful walls that accompany the rivers´s outline, and if you´re lucky, we can see some little friend out there.

But if what you are looking for is contact and you like adventures, you are very welcome to trekking and jungle trekking, where you can find detailed images of the environment. Approach and verify for yourself the color of the trees, observe their various crevices and tiny beings that inhabit their surface.

Fibers, fungi, spots. Bend your head and at each step you will find a colony of beings that cohabit quietly like a living carpet. The delineations of the leaves, the color of the insects, the effect of humidity on the plants. Be amazed at the amount of detail you can find in any square meter of the Ecuadorian Jungle.

And remember that nothing is static in the jungle Everything in there is alive! Pay attention and try to discover who are those eyes that are hidden among the branches or the sound made by the birds when undertaking their flight, whether or not those soft steps will be those of a feline. Attentive. It is the perfect setting to leave an indelible record of the wonderful beings that inhabit this part of the world. See how many shades of feathers you get this time on your lens or on a retina.

On the other hand, it is not only nature that will captivate your sight, you can also be surprised by the powerful images that provoke the ancestral cultures that inhabit our jungle. On this trip you will get to know the Kichwa Añangu community, who for more than 500 years have stayed in this sector of the jungle and know it better than their own hands. In your clothes, your gestures, your way of relating, you can find images that evoke the purest of human beings in contact with their nature.

Be amazed also with the way they have to live in harmony with the environment, the structures and materials with which they build their homes, the closeness of each member in the community and the areas they have opened to interact, offering every day a living painting that it´s worth living.

Also, be experienced or beginner, you will not be alone in this. If your desire is to capture photographically the memorable moments of your trip and crystallize the spectacular environments to share in your home, even if you are more ambitious and you dream of giving a success to the elusive fauna, we have for you the perfect accompaniment, with our Service of Photo Tour, where our goal is to put you in the right place and the perfect time to capture impressive photographs, as well as professional assistance to improve your technique.

Then, from Napo Wild Center is the invitation remains open, since there is nothing more that can be said, more that you have to come and see for yourself. Contact us and let´s make arrangements together to make your visit an unforgettable experience.