3 or 4 Nights


Our exclusive photo tours are led by experienced and award-winning professional photographers and biologists. Designed for both beginners and well-seasoned explorers, our aim is to put you in the right place at the perfect moment to capture stunning photographs. Additionally, you will learn important techniques and get transferrable tips from the pros which will help you grow as a photographer in your own right. Be an honoured guest in our community, enjoy the unique and vibrant local culture, and take part in a life-changing experience in one of the most stunning and bio-diverse spots in the world. There’s no telling which incredible creatures will become the subject of your lens here in the Amazon.
Departure from Quito in the morning and travel to the Añangu community. We take out the cameras when we reach the black water “Añangu” stream and, after brief instructions and advice, we start taking photos on our the way to the majestic Napo Wildlife Center.
Arrival and check-in at the lodge. Photography from the NWC tower at sunset, followed by a delicious dinner. We will talk about all the possible activities to be done during the next few days at the lodge.
The following activities can be chosen from for a full combination of sunrises, mornings, afternoons, sunsets, and nights. Many can be combined and repeated depending on the weather and the interests of the group. There are plenty of options to choose from whether you are staying for a 3, 4, or 5 night tour.
• Sunrise in the hotel tower (1 to 3 hours).
• Dawn in the NWC canopy tower. (30 min to 1 hour duration).
• Parrot clay licks and Kuri Muyu Cultural Center (all morning and lunch)

• Hike a trail leading to the tower (2 to 4 hours)
• Blackwater creek and lagoon for otters, caimans, monkeys and / or birds (2 to 4 hours)
• Monkeys and birds arround the lodge
• Macro photography on the trail behind the lodge

• Night walks on the lodge trail to photograph amphibians, reptiles, and insects.
• Night walks on the path to the tower to photograph amphibians, reptiles, and insects.
• Observation of alligators and frogs around the lagoon.
• Talks (detailed below).

• How to use my camera?
• Basic tips to achieve a good photo in the jungle
• Photographic composition
• Storytelling
• The correct use of flash
• Post-processing and cataloging your images
• Conservation Photography
• Photo criticism workshop and portfolio review


Our photography crew is composed of professional biologists, tour leaders, and experienced nature photographers: Lucas Bustamante, Frank Pichardo, Jorge Castillo, Alejandro Arteaga, and José Vieira. Over the past nine years, they have been dedicated to documenting the incredible biodiversity of Ecuador. They also manage different projects in other tropical countries such as Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, Namibia, Botswana, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka. Together they have led innumerable tours, trips into the field, and photographic workshops which always result in positive feedback from clients.
These experts have discovered a number of species that are new to Science, and have written several academic articles and books on photography, conservation, and herpetology. Their photographic works have been published by world-renowned organizations such as National Geographic Magazine, BBC Wildlife, World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, and BioGraphic amongst many other national and international projects, magazines, and books. Furthermore, they have received awards and recognition of excellence thanks to famous nature photography contests such as BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Nature’s Best Photography Awards from the Smithsonian Museum. Suffice it to say, our team is ready to share an abundance of knowledge and passion with you!