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Travel Resource

Travel Resource


Important information

Please take a moment to read the following information.


Safety first!

Napo Wildlife Center is equipped and maintained to cope with the most challenging conditions, manned by experienced and conscientious staff and expedition leaders who guarantee unmatched attention to your personal security.
Canoes used for daily shore landings are rugged and versatile, driven by experienced paddlers in a responsible manner. Fire extinguishers can be found in cabins, public areas, and staff and power rooms. HF radio and mobile phones are in contact with our operations office. In case of serious emergencies, we can call helicopter assistance for evacuation. For minor emergencies, a medical center is very closer.




We recommend you contact your family physician, or your local travel clinic for the most up-to-date health information at least one month before departure. For your own safety, please advise us of any medical or food condition that may affect you while traveling.
If you are carrying prescription medication or require particular assistance, please bring with you a signed and dated letter from your physician stating health problems and dosage requirements for any medication, to be provided to our doctor on board as well as to medical authorities in case of an emergency.




All meals are included during your stay at Napo Wildlife Center. Drinks are extra. Our chefs provide a variety of excellent local, national and international dishes, and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages are available. For the preparation of all food, including salads, juices, and ice, we use purified bottled water.



Expedition team

A carefully chosen expedition team will lead your adventures at Napo Wildlife Center. Recruited not only for their local knowledge and wealth of experience but also for their great love of the Amazon, they will fill you in, in the field and during lectures, briefings and discussions, on everything from ornithology, biology, geography, geology, history to ecological and social concerns (and much more).




How much money you bring is obviously a personal matter. If you intend to purchase souvenirs, or if you enjoy dining out, we would recommend that you take much more than suggested daily averages. Credit cards and debit cards are very useful for cash advances, MasterCard or Visa cards being the most widely accepted. ATMs are widely available in Quito, but check your card’s validity in Ecuador with your bank. You should be aware that to purchase products or services on a credit card a fee of 5%-10% usually applies. Do not rely on credit or debit cards as your sole monetary source.




Tipping is an expected component of your tour program, if not an expression of satisfaction to those who have assisted you on your tour.
For your convenience, we include the following gratuity suggestion based on past experience at NWC:
Naturalist Guides: $10/night per guest
Local Guides: $10/night per guest
Staff Members. $5/night per guest

Please tip guides personally. There is a tipping box located at the bar for staff members. This does not include tips you may wish to leave the bartender.



Respecting our home

You may want to read through the following criteria as to what we consider will help minimize your environmental footprint at Napo Wildlife Center.
Avoid devices that make foreign sounds in protected areas.



Don’t smoke in canopied forest or near wildlife.

Whisper and try to keep movement to a minimum near wildlife, especially when animals are at earshot.
Do not wear perfume or perfumed sprays as the sweet scent can attract insects.
Don’t throw or drop anything along the trails, even biodegradable food.
Avoid bright colored shirts while in the forest, as they may scare the animals.



Experiencing the jungle with the best

Napo Wildlife Center boasts a first-rate, dedicated staff, highly experienced in jungle tourism, emergencies and guests service, who will be available at all times to share their knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to the environment with you.


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