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Why your trip to the amazon rainforest is carbon negative and helps preventing global warming

There are many threats the Amazon has faced and that it is still facing nowadays. In Ecuador, the situation is aggravated by loging and oil exploration menaces.

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the last natural sanctuaries left on Earth, and inside Yasuní National Park there is the second largest oil reserve of all Ecuador.

The Amazon is rich in forests, pure air, and wild, exotic species that are endangered by logging, hunting, mining, and many other complications that only those who have conscience can save with little contributions such as the preservation of this land and tourism.


People inside the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest


There are many communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon: the huaorani (or waorani), the achuar, the kichwa, the wachimak, and many more. All of them make a life inside the Amazon national parks and work for all the people who visit the place.


Problems faced in the Amazon


There have been many violations to human, animal and natural rights in this land. Oil drilling is the most important one, because Yasuní National park has a high territory full of oil, and companies do not care about the people or animals who live there. They do not think about the consequences of killing this natural environment because their only purpose is to make money from oil.

  • Indiscriminate logging is also important, as well as hunting. Animals that live in the Rainforest are decimated in great numbers, and there have been many species that have disappeared or are in great danger.
  • There is a story of a man who said that his tribe is pictured many times a year, and people who take those pictures do not give a cent to his community. This is also a big issue, because foreign people are getting profit from those who live from their hard work. This is unfair, and we want to create conscience of this situation that affects our land a lot.


How can you help us?


When traveling, the incomes from tourism help our indigenous communities to improve their way of life, Añangu community reinvest in edcation, health and renewable energy projects, but you also contribute for a healthier planet  because of the oxygen produced by the millions of trees and plants of the Amazon. Remember that the Amazon holds the giher record of biodiversity and basically when you travel aand support ecotourism and community based projects.

  • You are helping to slow the destruction of the habitat and therefore your trip becomes carbon negative!

With your visit, you will support us indirectly to fight against these difficulties, and save the planet from global warming. It is more important than you think! Plan your Trip to the Amazon Rainforest,  as the best preserving experience ever; you will feel the difference when breathing pure air and saving hundreds of species from extinction.


Comunidad Kichwa Añangu


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